Strong organisation

Strong organisation

A supply chain team dedicated to service performance manages our central warehouse in Kassel.

ECM compliance

Rolling stock maintenance principles are defined by the Entities in Charge of Maintenance (ECM). mgw Service anticipated this regulation and has orgasined and certified its operations in compliance with EU/445/2011. The company’s maintenance activities are audited by an independant body.

At mgw Service, our maintenance organisation is structured as a mirror image of ECM functions 1 to 4, so that everyone is clear about their role and responsibilities:

  • ECM 1 monitors and manages the other three functions and has the overall responsibility for maintenance.
  • ECM 2 covers maintenance development, including the introduction of new maintenance concepts, documentation, rules and standards, along with IT processes.
  • ECM 3 and 4 cover the actual maintenance services, and management of the following:
    • Fleet management;
    • Maintenance execution;
    • Maintenance planners;
    • Maintenance hotline;
    • Service technicians (mobile and local);
    • Documentation of maintenance work in the Customer Information Centre, workshops (mgw Service in Krefeld, and a wide network of partner workshops);
    • Material management system, including spare parts suppliers.

A maintenance workshop is defined as an entity having a management structure and processes, qualified maintenance staff, tools and the facilities needed to maintain either the entire vehicle or its parts/components. Mobile teams, either self-supporting or working from a maintenance base, also provide certain maintenance services.




Rolling stock maintenance involves considerations such as vehicle availability, operational constraints and commercial issues, but there can be no compromise on safety. A commitment to providing vehicles that are safe to operate on customer networks has been our absolute priority since we were founded over a decade ago.

At mgw Service, the guarantee of the highest locomotive safety and security standards is backed by independent certification. The regulatory framework in the European Union is continuing to evolve, notably with the wide-ranging EU directive 2016/798 on railway safety, which covers areas such as ECM, use of the Common Safety Method and risk evaluation. Our organisation keeps pace with this evolving framework, and all these provisions are fully embedded in our maintenance programmes. Today, mgw Service is certified as conforming to the EU/445/2011 directive and the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.


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Our network

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