To remain competitive, service providers need to keep innovating in today’s changing world of rail vehicle maintenance. Different factors are driving these changes, with the updating of equipment and systems being one part of a much wider picture.

That includes:

  • Technology advances for railway vehicles, train control systems (e.g. ETCS) and infrastructure
  • Changes in legislation
  • Vehicle data monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • An acceleration of the industry’s digital transformation
  • Operator requests for higher flexibility and lower costs in the field of maintenance

For you to achieve your business objectives in such an environment, you need a maintenance partner that provides first-class solutions, when and where you need them.

At mgw Service, we systematically look for opportunities to innovate in maintenance solutions, taking into consideration the five factors listed above. By anticipating changes to our industry, we can provide services that meet your needs and will also help maintain or improve railway safety.

Our awareness of tomorrow’s needs is the key to providing you with excellent service today.




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