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On demand maintenance

On-demand maintenance

While a full-service contract offers a package of basic locomotive maintenance operations, mgw Service also offers each operation on a single-order basis.

These basic operations comprise:

  • Kilometre-based preventive maintenance, to all inspection levels (N, I1, I2, I3, F1, F2, F3, etc.);
  • Time-based preventive maintenance, such as automatic train control examinations (EBICAB, SCMT, ATSS/ZUB123, ETCS, LZB/PZB, MIREL, SHP, EVM, etc.), train radio, brake revision, pressure tank examinations;
  • Pressure tank examinations;
  • Front-screen exchange;
  • Handover inspections;
  • Ultrasonic examinations of wheels and axles;
  • Wheel reprofiling – either with mgw Service´s own wheel lathe in the Krefeld workshop, or with partners;
  • Locomotive cleaning at mgw Service’s Krefeld workshop;
  • Fault-finding and corrective maintenance on customer demand.

A range of other maintenance services, such as software updates, data readouts and vehicle handover inspections can also be performed.



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