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Heavy maintenance

Heavy Maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance is the basis for safe operation of your rolling stock, but wear and tear over time eventually requires a major locomotive overhaul, or “revision”.


Locomotive revision

Depending on the manufacturer’s maintenance plans, mgw Service will carry out these revisions after eight years or between 1.0 and 1.2 million kilometres (revision R1), or alternatively after 16 years or 2.0 and 2.4 million kilometres (R2).

During the locomotive revision, which takes around four weeks for R1 or six weeks depending on the operations, the vehicle is completely dismantled. Components such as the brake system, bogies and fans are overhauled and parts replaced where necessary. After re-assembly, your vehicle will undergo a comprehensive test run to ensure its safe operation for the years ahead.

High-quality service

Carrying out these revisions to the required standard is important for locomotive safety and security and the value of your assets over the long term. We have considerable experience of overhauling modern electric locomotives, having completed many revisions since our first project in 2011. Customer satisfaction has been extremely high, both with the quality of the work carried out and the on-schedule return of the locomotive.

Our revisions are performed at mgw Service’s premises in Krefeld or other suitably equipped maintenance workshops across Europe. We can also overhaul vehicles in your own workshop, using your assets to our mutual benefit.



Revisions completed since 2011


Vehicles overhauled in 2017


Detailed maintenance scope and optimised and reliable time to delivery

Accident repair

In the event of an accident, mgw Service is able to carry out smaller repair operations. If the requirement is beyond our technical capabilities, we will work with an appropriate provider – typically the vehicle manufacturer. In these cases, we can manage the entire repair process for you, handling the service providers, parts suppliers, technical experts, insurance companies and other relevant bodies. As a result, you will only have to deal with one partner, mgw Service, leaving you to focus on your core business.

A Heavy maintenance's business case

Repairing a BR185 locomotive


When major repairs were needed for a damaged vehicle, the operator asked mgw Service to manage the project from start to finish.

Customer challenge

A BR185 locomotive belonging to a full-service customer was severely damaged in an accident and needed repair. Given the damage, the customer wanted to outsource the project to a partner that would supervise the repair operations and deal with third parties.

Service delivered

As project manager, we selected the repair workshop – the vehicle’s manufacturer – and agreed the work’s scope, cost and timescales. We also dealt with technical experts and the insurance company, and held regular meetings with the manufacturer. Our team handled the coordination between the manufacturer and our customer regarding technical and cost decisions, and also provided the final acceptance.

mgw Service added value

Thanks to our turnkey service, the customer was freed from any direct involvement in the repairs, received a detailed cost breakdown, and could rely on us to represent its best interests in terms of cost optimisation, repair quality and on-time delivery.

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