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Full service maintenance

Full-service maintenance

If you need a reliable, fixed budget for maintenance over the long term,
a full-service contract is ideal. Safety and quality are guaranteed, with our technical and administrative teams ensuring your needs are met in full.

A full-service contract can be tailored to your specific requirements, whether in terms of service or specific locomotive maintenance in Europe. Tailoring can also be geographical, helping you serve freight corridors like Warsaw–Rotterdam/Amsterdam–Genoa or Katrineholm–Helsingborg–Krefeld, for example.

A guarantee of performance

Under a full-service contract, we take care of all preventive maintenance. For corrective maintenance, we provide a guaranteed repair time and a spare parts inventory. These activities are logged at our web-based Customer Information Centre, which provides:

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance monitoring and planning;
  • Access to documentation, ensuring complete traceability and full compliance with ECM standards;
  • A high level of online service and locomotive reporting, along with metrics on our repair-time performance.

mgw Service will also subcontract parts of the overall maintenance contract to your own service team, on your own premises.

To deliver full-service maintenance, we must be ready to intervene whenever and wherever you need us. To achieve that, we have a comprehensive set of resources in place:

  • A maintenance hotline, operating 24/7 in several languages. A service technician and a translator will deal with your call.
  • Mobile maintenance technicians, who can solve problems that do not involve transferring your vehicle to a workshop.
  • A network of maintenance workshops, either owned by mgw Service or by maintenance providers under contract across Europe.
  • A large spare-part inventory, and a highly efficient supply chain.

Close cooperation

If, with a full-service contract, you not only want to outsource the complete maintenance of your fleet but also to increase the performance of your assets, we can form a strategic partnership. Together, we can improve maintenance cost, optimise maintenance plans, and add other types of vehicle or maintenance locations.

With a full-service contract the price is calculated per kilometre of track. To ensure we meet our targets:

  • We make sure our maintenance technicians’ skills are kept up to date through training at officially recognized centres in the latest locomotive systems.
  • We maintain a comprehensive quality and ECM management system.
  • We deploy our solutions as near as possible to your operations.



Network of partner workshops and mobile teams across Europe


A technical hotline operating in several languages


Certifications: ECM and ISO 9001:2015


Spare parts in stock

A few Full-service's business cases

Cross-border operations in Europe


If your business involves freight or passenger traffic across Europe, we can provide tailored maintenance services to fit your routes.

Customer challenge

A rail freight operator chose a full-service contract with mgw Service because it wanted a single, long-term maintenance provider that could cover three countries for its BR185 locomotive operations. Freight needs to move from Sweden (Katrineholm) to Germany (Krefeld) via Denmark (Padborg).

Services provided

We meet these needs with our on-site teams at Hallsberg, Sweden – an easy 80km transfer from Katrineholm for scheduled preventive maintenance and issues that cannot be resolved in the field – and Krefeld. A partner workshop is on standby at Padborg for any urgent problems. Our mobile maintenance technicians in Germany and Sweden are also ready to intervene at short notice, 24/7, along the whole route.

mgw Service added value

Our solution provides all-round support for the customer as both end-points are covered by maintenance facilities, with further resources provided along the route. The result is high availability of the customer’s locomotives, with a corresponding impact on running costs. Separately, we also carry out R1 and R2 heavy maintenance locomotive revision.

Working with the customer’s own maintenance organisation


We are open to different types of collaboration to provide customers with the best possible solution. This includes subcontracting some of our work back to the customer.


Customer challenge

A company in southern Germany, equipped with its own maintenance workshop, was able to carry out standard preventive maintenance and certain corrective procedures. However, it sought our full-service contract because it wanted us to take overall responsibility for rolling stock performance, and to subcontract some activities back to its own workshop.

Services provided

The solution was to sign a full-service maintenance agreement, and then a separate outsourcing contract where all the preventive maintenance is handed back to the customer. The scope and cost of the work outsourced by mgw Service to the customer’s workshop is clearly detailed in the contract.

mgw Service added value

This arrangement ensures that a range of customer requirements are met in full. Most importantly, the customer has guaranteed use of its own maintenance facilities for the contract’s duration. Meanwhile, mgw Service has access to a maintenance workshop in an area of Germany where no alternatives are available for that specific type of locomotive.

A strategic maintenance partnership


An existing customer turned to mgw Service for a wide-ranging strategic agreement for maintenance support and business improvement.

Customer challenge

A longstanding full-service customer adopted a new business strategy, targeting growth in traffic volumes and geographical presence. The customer wanted a maintenance agreement that offered scalability, cost efficiencies, improved maintenance performance and planning, new locations and support for new types of locomotives.

Services provided

mgw Service is delivering in all these areas, providing “best in class” maintenance solutions by offering customers flexibility, round-the-clock access to support, cost effectiveness and total commitment to excellence in everything we do. These services are being provided in the customer’s existing countries and also in new geographies.

mgw Service added value

We are providing improvement programmes that cover rolling stock availability, reliability and maintenance cost, and are fixed in the contract. These ambitious performance targets are proving to be a benefit for the customer and are also helping raise mgw Service’s maintenance services to even higher levels.

Technical teamwork between France and Germany


Our teams in both countries are helping deliver a maintenance contract with a focus on flexibility and optimised planning.


Customer challenge

Our customer wanted a full-service contract for its Class Y 8000 diesel shunters, along with the flexibility to bring some aspects of vehicle maintenance back in-house if needed.

Services provided

Preventive maintenance is carried out either in the workshops of a qualified mgw Service partner or on the rail operator’s site, while corrective maintenance is provided by our mobile teams throughout northern and eastern France. All these activities are being delivered in full compliance with ECM regulations. Fleet management is provided from our offices in Strasbourg, with spare part supply and distribution handled by our teams in Kassel.

mgw Service added value

Our proximity to the maintenance facilities has added convenience and reduced transport times to service locations. The operator also benefits from having the option to carry out some of the preventive maintenance. Based on feedback from the field, mgw Service has also been able to optimise the maintenance plan. A surveillance service is provided for parked vehicles, guaranteeing a quick return to operation.

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