Locomotive and maintenance know-how

Locomotive and maintenance know-how

Locomotive types maintained under full-service by mgw Service



locomotives under full-service agreements

Preventive maintenance services

The following kilometre- or time-based preventive maintenance services are the basic components of our full-service contract. They can also be provided on a single-order basis for customers that do not have a full-service contract:


  • N, F1, F2, F3 (Siemens ES64 types U2, U4, F4)
  • N, I1, I2, I3 (Siemens Vectron)
  • IN, IN-1, IN-20, I1, I2, I3 (all types of Bombardier TRAXX)
  • N, W2, W3, W4, W5, M500, M1.000, M3.000, M6.000, M10.000, M15.000 (Siemens ER20)
  • Train radio inspection (ZFM 21, MESA, CGR 3000)
  • Brake revision (German “Br1.2”)
  • Inspection of automatic train control systems including:
  • LZB/PZB I60R, ZUB262/Integra, EBICAB, SCMT, ATSS/ZUB 123, ETCS, Mirel, SHP, EVM 120, KVB, ATB, Memor
  • Ultrasonic inspection of wheels and axles
  • Wheel reprofiling – either at mgw Service´s Krefeld workshop, or in cooperation with partners.

Heavy maintenance services

mgw Service has performed the following revisions on these locomotive types, either in its Krefeld maintenance workshop, in partner workshops or in customer workshops:


  • ES64F4 (BR189, E474) – Revision RT4/Br3/HU


Bombardier TRAXX

  • BR145 – Revision R1/Br3/HU
  • BR185.1 – Revision R1/Br3/HU
  • BR185.2 – Revision R1/Br3/HU and Revision R2/Br3/HU
  • BR186 MS – Revision R1/Br3/HU

mgw Service is developing solutions to meet future requirements for BR187, Vectron AC/MS and Vossloh locomotives, among others.

Certifications and qualifications

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