locomotive maintenance

Certifications and qualifications

Entity in charge of maintenance (ECM) in conformity with EU/445/2011

ISO 9001:2015


Ultrasonic testing of wheels and shafts

  • WS Certification for non-destructive testing (VT, UT) on vehicles and their components in the rail maintenance sector (+ logo WS Cert)
  • Authorisation for non-destructive testing (NDT) on rail vehicles and components of DB Cargo AG with the ZfP Visual Inspection (VT) procedure


Wheel reprofiling

  • Authorisation by DB Cargo AG for wheel reprofiling operations on its rail vehicles



  • TBB Certification on proof of suitability for glueing rail vehicles and vehicle parts in accordance with DIN 6701

Locomotive and maintenance know-how

Our maintenance services cover a wide range of both electric and diesel locomotives from different manufacturers. Learn more
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