About Us

About us

We are experts in maintaining electric and diesel locomotives from a variety of manufacturers, whether for rail freight or passenger operations across Europe. Our mission is to meet your needs for cost-effective maintenance to the highest safety standards. Our customised solutions are designed to ensure the reliability and availability of your rolling stock, wherever and whenever you need that support.

Our teams include engineers, service technicians, maintenance planners, and a material management specialists. We have a comprehensive spare parts inventory and highly responsive supply chain, so we can respond quickly when a technical issue occurs. Along with our own facilities, we also work with a large network of qualified maintenance partners. Fully compliant with state-of-the-art safety, ECM and quality standards, mgw Service is dedicated to serving its customers and helping them achieve their business objectives. Wherever you need our help, we will be there.


Where we come from

With the liberalisation of freight services in the late 1990s, the arrival of new, private operators brought competition to the railway market. Founded in 2005 by two entrepreneurs, mgw Service met the growing demand for locomotive maintenance. The quality and reliability of our services quickly led to growth in both the number of customers and the locomotives under contract.


In line with that expansion, the company soon extended its maintenance network from Kassel and Krefeld towards Europe with a network of service providers. In 2017, mgw Service joined the Akiem group. The company has a clear strategy for development and will be supported in this by its parent company. An entrepreneurial spirit remains part of the company and team’s DNA as we look to extend our maintenance offering, making mgw Service a unique service provider.

Our values and commitments

Rail transport is a complex system that involves technical, logistical, legal and human factors. A problem in any of these areas involving your rolling stock has potential repercussions on your business, in terms of costs and service levels to passengers or freight customers. At the same time, the paramount concern has to be railway safety – and our compliance with standards is uncompromising.


Our commitment is to resolve railway operators’ problems so that they can focus on their core business. Our tailored solutions are reliable, cost-effective, highly flexible and ensure high availability of your rolling stock.


Today, and in the future, mgw Service’s commitment to you is simple: we will never let you down.



At mgw Service, everything we do is based on five values that ensure your needs are always our top priority.
We ensure that our technical skills are state-of-the-art, so that personnel at our locations or in the field can deliver what we promise.
Being close to you is key to our approach. We design solutions where and when you need them, working with our partners when necessary.


Our teams and partners are committed to ensuring the highest levels of availability of your vehicles, and to keeping your stock rolling.
Technology is evolving in both locomotive design and maintenance. We are continuously looking to innovate and provide enhanced solutions.
The key to good partnerships is to respect people and to listen. We demonstrate that respect in our dealings with customers and our own teams.

Our organisation

An agile organisation


The heart of the mgw Service network is our central headquarters at Kassel, providing coordination, administration and key departmental services. The teams at Kassel manage our maintenance documentation, engineering and planning activities, and the procurement of spare parts and all other supply chain requirements. Kassel’s agile organisation responds rapidly to customer enquiries and also homes our IT and finance functions.


Our core business is to supply maintenance services, spare parts and qualified maintenance technicians whenever a customer’s rolling stock requires preventive or corrective maintenance. The high standards of efficiency and service quality provided by mgw Service have played a key role in its success over the past decade.


A team of maintenance experts


Maintaining railway rolling stock involves a very high degree of responsibility. Safety is critical and mgw Service is fully committed to meeting the highest industry standards, including the European Union’s Entity in Charge of Maintenance standard. To maintain its high-quality service to customers, the company has introduced a comprehensive skills management process.


Our service technicians are trained on a regular basis at officially recognised training centres in all aspects of locomotive technical systems. After completing these courses, our technicians are issued with the relevant certificates, which are registered in our skills management database. When our planners schedule a maintenance activity, the skills system will allow only service technicians with the necessary certificate(s) to work on the project.