The Krefeld workshop: from old to modern

The Krefeld workshop: from old to modern


In 2009, mgw Service built a 60-metre-long state-of-the-art workshop with two 55-m lines and a lifting system that can take up to 35 tonnes per column.

The lifting system can deal with engine parts needing up to eight different lifting points. The workshop also has a 15-tonne travelling crane and a Mobiturn wheelset lathe. In 2012, mgw Service bought the neighbouring Bahnbetriebswerk Krefeld workshop (classed as a historical monument), which had a 16-place turntable to inspect rail rolling stock. Currently, 12 technicians work at the site on both preventive and corrective maintenance for electric locomotives. Six other employees deal with onsite manoeuvring, outside cleaning of locos and their wheelsets, checking sandboxes and engine fluids and site upkeep (lots of flowered spaces that are always very well kept!).


The mix of the old infrastructure and the new workshop make this site very special. We’ve carried out maintenance operations on electric and diesel locomotives right next to old rolling stock!

Alexander Wagner, Krefeld workshop director - mgw Service
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